Airbnb top 5 tips for hosts

Being the best Airbnb host is all about the details. It is all about paying attention to the details.

Airbnb has become one of the best earning medium for a lot of people. However, not all of the people who decide to be an Airbnb host are able to be the best ones. It takes a lot of effort and some very easy yet effective tips to stand out as a host and receive appreciation, love and positive reviews. There are many Airbnb hosts who have become an example for the upcoming hosts. If you need to score, you need to be very straightforward, polite and honest as a host. And obviously, you have to be super welcoming to your guests too. If you are looking forward to becoming an Airbnb host, then here are some of the most amazing yet easy tips that can help you become the next exemplary host.

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1. Be very Honest:
Don’t miss out on any detail that might bother the guests as a host. Being honest is the key to success when you are an Airbnb host. Also, the photos of your home need to be portraying the real image of your place. For example, you can tell your guests that we have a long stairway so you might want to have a look at it first if you have any issues with stairs. You can also feature the photos of the staircase so people do know about it. Any other issues that your home might have must be put up in front of the guests before they make the reservations. Your honesty is what will make you win.

2. Do a Little More than you Promised:
Who doesn’t love surprises? Make sure that you go a mile extra with your guests. Remember that you have to earn the good reputation and it won’t come by on its own. For example, if you drink coffee in the morning, you can always make it for them too. Or you can send them a glass of fresh juice or wine in the evening, even when you didn’t mention it in the deal. Something extra is always nice and leaves a very positive impact on your guests.

3. Send in an Email a week before they arrive:
Communication is the key when you are an Airbnb host and you need to make sure that you are communicating a great manner so that the guests feel welcomed. It is very important to send an email to the guests a week or 10 days before their arrival. The first part of the email is usually all about the basics of the home and the information that must be delivered to them. In the second part of the mail, you tell them about the area around. You can give them a briefing that they might have some wonderful cafes to look forward to or maybe a park or some great sights that are worth seeing. Also, don’t forget to ask them whether they will travel to your place on their own or it would be tough for them? You can always go pick them up (if they want you to) even though it is not on the deal but you are focusing on bringing in more guests and a great rating is obviously going to bring you the score.

4. Ask about their food preference:
When a guest books up with you, it is very important to ask them about their food preferences. It really makes you a wonderful host. Ask your guests if they have any dietary barriers or do they drink coffee or tea or how do they like their coffee? You can always make a cup of coffee at their arrival which will make them feel relaxed after a long journey. You can also ask them if they like fruits and which one do they prefer because fruits and fresh juices can also be served on their arrival. Also, keep this data secured and saved because a lot of guests come back to you if they have had a wonderful experience.

5. A good yet Quick Tour:
You are obviously going to serve your guests when they arrive but right after that, you need to give them their space. But before that, they need to be guided about the place. Thus, you need to give them a quick tour. It is very crucial for the guests to know all about your house but as soon as they arrive, they might just ant their bed. So ask them whether they want a tour first or would they want to relax and have the tour of the house later. If they agree with having the tour first, make it precise yet good enough for them o understand the basics. It will take some skills to make it brief but you can always practice before their arrival.

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There is a lot that has to be done as an Airbnb host to make the experience stand out for your guests. However, these simple 5 tips are great to start off with. Just remember that you need to be simple and honest with your guests from the scratch. Make all possible efforts to keep them comfortable at your place.

Don’t forget to have clean beddings, towels and other accessories all set. Don’t ever leave a dirty towel for your guest as they would prefer using their own and that would not earn you the positive score at all. Be kind, polite and be helpful. Make the efforts and you will be one of the best Airbnb host ever.

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What is Vacation Rental?

A vacation rental also know VR is definitely the reserving of a completely furnished residence, such as apartment, house, villa or professionally handled residence for vacationers rather than expensive hotels. The saying vacation rental is especially used in the united states. In Europe the saying villa rental or villa holiday is in fact favored for rentals of detached properties . Other terms used are self-catering rentals, holiday homes, holiday lets (in the United Kingdom), cottage holidays (for rentals of smaller accommodation in some locations).

Vacation rentals have been a well known travel alternative in Europe (mainly in the UK) along with Canada and therefore are becoming more and more popular around the globe.

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10 ways to build your vacation rental business and still have free time

Ask vacation rental owners the number of working hours per week they invest in taking care of their vacation rental, and you’ll possibly get unclear answers. Several owners efficiently measure the time-frame involved in all of the tasks related to their business, and would probably be amazed to find out just how much of their everyday life is directed at making a quite small income.

Except if you hire a home management organization to manage every factor of marketing and operations for your small business, you’ll find your time and effort consumed up with standard and one-off projects – and there are a lot of them. Read about a number of, together with various basic actions you can take to minimize your effort and take back some of your spare time.

Listing and photos

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This kind of front-loaded process means the majority of the tasks needs to be done before you take the very first booking. However, it doesn’t stop there. The listing text has to be updated frequently – many say this is necessary to keep it “fresh” for ranking purposes – and photos need to be redone each time something changes at the home. If you list on several websites and don’t use a funnel management service, everyone will need individual attention, racking up the hours spent on listing maintenance.

Answering inquiries

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“Do you have a mixer?” | “How deep is the water off the pool?” | “Where is the nearest restaurant?” | “What will there be to enjoy close by when it rains?”

Even though the most bookings now are made instantly from information supplied in a listing, the extra questions might be relatively limitless and come in a wide variety of forms; it can be a battle to maintain. Responding to calls and e-mails together with multiple texting platforms delivering “just one more question” takes a great deal of time and provided every guest wants a timely response, can be annoying.

Web site maintenance

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If you are intending to operate independent from online vacation rental sites, getting your own web page is a must. The goal is to drive traffic towards the website and get possible guests to reserve immediately with you, thus website service has to be taken care of and updated on a regular basis.

Creating articles

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Along with making sure your site continues to be current and stable, it’s vital that you build a solid library of articles. This is the way in which to draw in people interested in a location prior to they even decide on their places to stay and it’s the secret to becoming successfully independent from listing sites. Content is something that can help prospective visitors prepare their holiday in your area, from a set of restaurant recommendations to suggestions about things to bring on vacation and recommendations for things to do on a rainy day.

Managing finances

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Regardless of the web-based travel agencies promising to handle anything linked to obtaining rental fees, there’s still a great deal of work needed for managing the financial aspect of a holiday rental. Keeping cash flowing; dealing with incidental, regular, and major expenses; paying vendors and providers by the due date; and making sure tax obligations are fulfilled are simply a few of the many money tasks you must maintain.

Troubleshooting and dealing with problems

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Guests are becoming far more challenging and since their requirements are rising, the handling of concerns in relation to a stay has grown to be more time-consuming. Issues linked to the perceived misrepresentation of a house, cleanliness, missing or damaged amenities, along with functioning of home appliances rank high on the needs of an owner’s time. This often means replying to phone calls and texts in no time and to be able to send suitable people to restore, exchange, or maintain within hours.

Managing changeovers

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If you take on your personal changeovers it’s a guaranteed commitment of your time for every reservation, even before you add the extra duties such as undertaking the washing laundry, getting products, getting rid of garbage, in addition to a deep clean (at least 2 times a year). Any additional working hours could be significant.

Publishing social media posts

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If you want to improve marketing and advertising efforts, then a profile on a selection of social media websites is vital. This requires arranging, writing, planning graphics, and posting to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Being consistent and frequent with articles is the greatest method to reach an audience and have them anticipating your updates. And this takes time.